About Us


At Business Name, we treat even the smallest members of the family! From infancy to 18, we're here for examination, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing wellness for your children. 

General Health

Not feeling well or just need an annual exam? We do it all! We also perform sports physicals and referrals for injuries. Whether you're sick or only need some routine maintenance, we're here for you!

OBGYN and Family Planning

Women's health is important to us. If you're starting a family or maintaining your overall health, our OBGYN is available for all your women's health needs. Same day appointments available!

The Team

Jodi L. Holbrook MD, OBGYN

Samantha earned her Medical Degree at John's Hopkins University and specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her passion is in helping women with fertility issues and at-risk pregnancies. 

Mary O'Meara ANP FP BC

Master's in nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner Walden University

Degree confirmation date 11/11/2018

Practicum experience

Advanced Practice Care of the Adult 

November 27th, 2017-February 11th, 2018    

Primary Care of Women

February 26th, 2018-May 12, 2018  

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner